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Considerations When Deciding Between Water Line Repair or Replacement

July 26, 2023
exposed broken water pipe Brookhaven, PA

Water line problems can significantly impact your home and daily life, so it’s crucial to act fast when an issue arises. A common dilemma, however, is deciding between repair or replacement. As your trusted provider of quality water line services, Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions outlines the factors to mull over before making a decision.…

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Potential Risks of a Broken Water Line

May 15, 2023
contaminated water from tap Springfield, PA

A functioning water line enables a steady and reliable supply of water to your home. In contrast, when a water line breaks (and you fail to address the issue promptly), it can lead to a cascade of problems that go beyond inconvenience. Our experts at Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions shed light on some of…

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Common Causes of Water Line Damage

April 14, 2023
leaks in water line pipes Lower Merion Township, PA

Water line damage is an issue that crops up in many homes and buildings. When it occurs, it is essential to understand the cause so that appropriate repairs can be made. In our years of providing quality water line repair in Lower Merion Township, PA, our experts at Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions identified the…

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Top Contaminants of Water Lines

March 15, 2023
family drinking from a glass of water

Pure, uncontaminated water is essential–whether it’s for your residence or place of business. As a leading provider of water line repair in Springfield, PA, we at Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions have observed how dangerous contaminated water can be to people’s health. Let’s delve into the most water line contaminants here: Lead When lead leaks…

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Key Things to Do When Your Water Line Breaks

February 3, 2023
Leaking water line Springfield, PA

When a water line breaks in your home, it can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Luckily, you can take some key steps to mitigate the damage and get your water line back in working order as quickly as possible to minimize the disruption to your home and get back to normalcy. Given the season,…

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Essential Tips to Help Maintain Your Water Lines

January 19, 2023
pvc pipe for water piping system

Properly maintaining water lines is essential for a clean and reliable water supply. Unfortunately, water lines can become clogged or damaged over time. This can lead to costly repairs and even bigger problems down the road. To prevent water line issues from arising, it’s important to stick to a rigid maintenance routine. Advanced Drains and…

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How to Tell if You Need to Replace Your Water Line

December 13, 2022
Damaged water line

Determining when to replace your water line is one of the most crucial things about maintaining your home. When your water line gets old, it’s unlikely to function properly and can leak–leading to added water consumption costs. Fortunately, several signs can help you determine if it’s time to replace your water line. Advanced Drains and…

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Common Symptoms of a Damaged Water Line

November 10, 2022
rusty water from faucet

A damaged water supply can pose a legitimate home maintenance problem. What makes them such a hassle to deal with is that they can go unnoticed for extended periods and oftentimes become more severe. By the time they are discovered, you’re almost certain to have more complex–and costly–repairs to deal with. Advanced Drain and Underground…

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Do You Have a Gas Leak?

June 6, 2022

A gas leak is a serious problem that can affect the health of every person, pet, and plant in your home. Not only does it present a significant health risk, but it also indicates that one of your gas-powered appliances or supply lines is malfunctioning and in need of repair. Let’s go over some of…

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How To Tell You Have a Leak

May 9, 2022

Water damage is a severe issue that can have a lot of repercussions for homeowners. If you think you may have a water leak, it’s essential to inspect your property and find the source as soon as possible. Doing so can help you avoid a majority of water damage, or may prevent damage from worsening.…

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