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Top Contaminants of Water Lines

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Pure, uncontaminated water is essential–whether it’s for your residence or place of business. As a leading provider of water line repair in Springfield, PA, we at Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions have observed how dangerous contaminated water can be to people’s health. Let’s delve into the most water line contaminants here:


When lead leaks from old pipes, it’s crucial to have prompt water line services because it contaminates water and poses a health risk since it is a dangerous heavy metal. Lead exposure can result in several health problems, such as brain damage, high blood pressure, and developmental delays.

Bacteria and Viruses

In water lines, bacteria and viruses are frequent contaminants that can lead to illnesses, from minor stomach aches to fatal diseases. These impurities can get into water systems through leaks or fissures and thrive in still water. This becomes even more of a problem if you have a damaged water line that is exposed to such threats.


Herbicides, pesticides, and other industrial waste are common chemicals that get into aging water lines, thus causing water contamination. Using this water can lead to various health problems like cancer and growth abnormalities and affect the reproductive organs.


Water from municipal water sources is always chlorinated for disinfection reasons. And while it is not necessarily harmful, excessive use of chlorine can cause health problems in the long run. Using chlorinated water for a long time causes skin rashes and respiratory issues and increases cancer risk. That’s why it’s important to install a water filtration system after your water line installation.

It’s critical to take quick action to make sure that your water pipes are in excellent shape because drinking tainted water might have serious health repercussions. From water line replacement to maintenance and repair services, Advanced Drains Underground Solutions is the name you can depend on. Reach out to us to schedule a service appointment today!

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