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When is CIPP Lining Ideal?

Trenchless Sewer Repair in Springfield, PA

Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) lining is a trenchless technology that has revolutionized how sewer and drain pipes are repaired. Instead of the traditional method of excavation and replacement of pipes, you can now restore and rehabilitate pipes from the inside without digging up the ground.

Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions is the go-to company for quality trenchless sewer repair in Springfield, PA. Here, we take a close look at some situations where CIPP lining can be an ideal solution.

Cracked or Broken Pipes

If the sewer or drain pipes have cracks or breaks, trenchless pipe lining can be a suitable solution. The CIPP liner is inserted into the damaged pipe and then inflated with air or water to conform to the shape of the existing line. The liner is then cured with heat or UV light to harden it, creating a seamless, jointless, and durable new pipe within the old pipe.

Root Intrusion

Tree roots can infiltrate sewer pipes and cause blockages and even line damage. If the damage isn’t severe and doesn’t call for a full trenchless pipe replacement, CIPP lining can effectively seal off the cracks and joints where germs can enter, preventing further root intrusion.

Corrosion and Erosion

Over time, pipes can corrode or erode, causing leaks and structural damage. CIPP lining can add a layer of protection and reinforcement to the existing pipes, extending their lifespan and preventing further deterioration.

Aging Pipes

Sewer and drain pipes have a finite lifespan and can deteriorate due to normal wear and tear. CIPP lining can be a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for rehabilitating aging pipes without the need to replace your entire system through trenchless sewer replacement.

Access Limitations

Pipes in hard-to-reach areas, such as beneath buildings or under highways, can be challenging to repair using traditional excavation methods. The lining can be inserted into the pipe through minor access points, making trenchless pipe repair an ideal solution for jobs with tricky access points.

CIPP pipe lining can be an ideal solution for repairing damaged sewer and drain pipes in various situations. If you’re facing pipe problems and want to explore options, don’t fret. Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions can provide a customized solution that fits your needs. Reach out to us to schedule a service appointment!

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