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Common Causes of Water Line Damage

Water line damage is an issue that crops up in many homes and buildings. When it occurs, it is essential to understand the cause so that appropriate repairs can be made.

In our years of providing quality water line repair in Lower Merion Township, PA, our experts at Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions identified the following common reasons for water line damage.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can spread and grow quickly underground, damaging water lines in the process. When left unchecked, these roots can cause a great deal of damage to the pipes that carry your water. In severe cases of root intrusion, water line replacement may be needed.

Poor Installation

Water lines that are improperly installed are more prone to damage over time. This can lead to cracks and other weaknesses in the pipes, which can cause costly water line leaks. Ensuring that water line installation is done correctly is crucial, so they will last a long time without issue.


Over time, the pipes carrying your water can corrode, leading to breaks and holes in the line. This is especially common in older homes and buildings, where water lines may not have been replaced for many years. It is important to call for water line services to inspect and repair corroded pipes as soon as possible.

Shifting Soil

Soil shifting due to weather changes or ground movement can cause damage to water lines. If the pipes aren’t installed correctly in the first place, this can lead to serious issues such as cracks, ruptures, and complete breaks.

Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions is the team you can count on when dealing with a damaged water line in your property. Our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge and expertise to identify the cause of your water line damage, provide an effective solution, and ensure that your pipes are back in working order. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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