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Common Symptoms of a Damaged Water Line

rusty water from faucet

A damaged water supply can pose a legitimate home maintenance problem. What makes them such a hassle to deal with is that they can go unnoticed for extended periods and oftentimes become more severe. By the time they are discovered, you’re almost certain to have more complex–and costly–repairs to deal with.

Advanced Drain and Underground Solutions is the trusted name for dependable water line repair in Springfield, PA. Below, we take a look at the most common symptoms of a damaged water line.

Pressure Issues

If the pressure in your house fluctuates, there may be an issue with your water supply. If you notice a change in the force, you should check the faucets and toilets to see which is causing the problem. Reach out to your local plumber to help locate the damaged water line and provide the appropriate solution.

Water Puddles

Water puddles are a common problem that is indicative of damaged water lines. While puddles around a sink may not be a cause for alarm, you should still check to see if there is an underlying issue. A leak in the water main can spill out onto the streets and will necessitate an immediate water line replacement.

Water Discoloration

The main water line is connected to the public water supply from which it gets your water supply. If there is a break in the line, it can get contaminated and the most obvious sign is water discoloration. Various forms of debris can pollute the water and cause health issues so make sure to call for prompt water line services to rectify the situation.

From water line installation services to maintenance and repairs, turn to the company that can provide you with foolproof solutions at affordable prices. Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions is committed to taking care of all your water line repair needs. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment!

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