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Why Invest In a Video Pipe Inspection

Ever had a moment where something is going on with your plumbing and you’ve said to yourself, “I wish I knew what was going on in there.” It is a reasonable thought to have. Being able to understand what is happening in your plumbing pipes helps you figure out the best solutions that will address the issue.

Video camera pipe inspections in Springfield are the best way to accomplish this. Video inspections are performed by professionals in order to get a literal look inside of your pipes to figure out what the main problem is that needs to be fixed. Let us talk about the way that video pipe inspections can help you get your plumbing the service it needs.

What Is a Video Camera Pipe Inspection

If you haven’t heard of a video camera pipe inspection, also known as a video pipe inspection, then you may not know what it entails or what it is used for. We are happy to provide the information you need.

The tool used for a video pipe inspection is a minuscule camera that is attached to a flexible cord. This set-up provides the ability for the camera to be lowered into the pipe which will allow a plumber to see a live video in the pipe and identify any problem that needs to be addressed.

When a Video Pipe Inspection Is Helpful

Video pipe inspections aren’t something to attempt yourself. These inspections are something to have a technician perform. Here are some examples of when you should reach out to schedule this service with a professional team like ours:

  • You have a clogged pipe and aren’t sure how far down the clog is. This helps determine how we clear the clog.
  • You have a leaking pipe and need to discover the severity and location of the leak. Are we handling a slab leak, a pinhole leak in a wall, or multiple leaks at once?
  • You are encountering slow drains on a consistent basis. What is causing them and how can we clear them?
  • You need to discover what the problem in your sewer line is. The way we deal with tree root invasion or a clog will be different.

Let’s be clear: video pipe inspections are a service that will be the first step in addressing the plumbing problem you are facing. It allows a technician to figure out the core of the problem so they can provide an effective solution first, rather than trying multiple different possible fixes that hope to address the issue.

When you work with the team at Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions, you can rest assured that you will be working with a trained professional who knows how to properly diagnose your plumbing problems are fix them. This is why we offer video pipe inspections as one of our expert services. Our goal is to show up to your home and provide effective services that resolve the issue quickly.

Schedule your next plumbing service with the experts at Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions. Honesty over Monetary is our focus with every job we do.

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