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Who Pays for Sewer Repairs or Replacements in a Real Estate Transaction?

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Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions is your top choice for trenchless sewer repair in Brookhaven, PA. One of the reasons clients contact us is to do such work. Real estate inspections often reveal these issues before a real estate transaction. Below, we go over who likely pays for these repairs or replacements.

It Depends on When Inspections Reveal Problems

During an initial home inspection, the seller is often responsible for repair or replacement work. In some cases, you may receive a credit towards your payment for such work. Otherwise, the homeowner is generally responsible for trenchless pipe replacement or repair work once the real estate transaction is complete. This is why sewer inspections are important before finalizing a deal.

It also Depends on What Was The Disclosure

If a seller fails to disclose known issues, they may be responsible for expenses related to trenchless pipe lining or replacement work. You may need to contact a real estate attorney for more information if this applies to your situation. Generally, the responsibility would fall on the part of the seller if known issues weren’t disclosed. For sellers and real estate agents, it is a good industry practice to reveal issues and work them out.

Trenchless Pipe Repair Benefits Everyone Involved

Whether you’re selling your home or buying one, the good news is CIPP pipe lining is affordable and convenient. For one thing, the results are long-lasting and the work happens without disrupting your landscape. It eliminates the issue of who would be responsible for landscape restoration.

Schedule an Inspection Today

One way Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions can help with real estate transactions is by conducting an inspection. If anything surfaces, we’ll inform both the seller and the buyer. We also do any necessary repair work fast and at affordable prices, up to 10% lower. For over a decade now, we have been a trusted local specialist. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or trenchless sewer repair.

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