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Dealing with Old Cast Iron Sewer Pipes

broken sewer pipe Springfield, PA

Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions specializes in trenchless sewer repair in Springfield, PA. One of the common reasons to need sewer repair is because of old cast iron sewer lines. Below, we go over how to deal with older cast iron sewer pipes and what you can do to solve related problems.

Remove Tree Roots

Before going forward with trenchless pipe lining, you must resolve pipe issues by removing tree roots. Plumbing companies do this with hydro jetting. It’s an approach to cleaning drain lines with high-pressure water.

Tree roots are a common problem in older cast iron sewer lines. They break into pipes in search of water. All it takes is a few cracks for roots to get into sewer lines.

Repair Damaged Sections

Older cast iron sewer lines sometimes become damaged in certain sections. Sometimes it’s only a few sections by bullying or sagging. If this is the case, trenchless pipe repair is often a viable solution. Cast iron is also prone to extreme rust and deterioration due to waste and wastewater.

Trenchless sewer repair only causes very minimal disruption, although the results are long-lasting. With trenchless repair, it restores affected sections without disrupting your landscape.

Replace Older Pipes

If damage to old cast iron pipes is extensive, you’ll benefit from trenchless pipe replacement. It’s a cost-effective way to enjoy the many benefits of new sewer lines. This includes fewer repairs, long-term results, improved sewer line flow, fewer drain clogs, and fewer issues with tree roots.

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Let the experienced team from Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions repair or replace your old cast iron pipes. We use both trenchless sewer replacement and repair methods to deal with cast iron sewer line issues. We don’t need excessive excavation and long days of repairs to deal with these issues.

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