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What Are The Different Types Of Trenchless Repairs?

trenchless repaired pipe
For different sewer issues, trenchless sewer repair in Springfield, PA works without major excavations, disruptions, and renovations. The result is also as effective as traditional methods. Different variations of it apply to certain situations and are just as effective. Understanding these types of trenchless repairs helps homeowners make informed decisions about their sewer repair needs.

Trenchless Repair And Replacement Methods

Trenchless pipe lining or cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining fixes aging or damaged sewer pipes. It involves inserting a flexible liner coated with resin into the existing pipe. It inflates and cures in place using heat or ultraviolet light. This forms a durable, seamless barrier within the pipe, effectively sealing cracks, leaks, and other defects. This cost-effective and efficient method is the basic form of trenchless methods.

You can also use trenchless sewer replacement which involves the installation of a new sewer pipe within the existing damaged pipe. Variations such as pipe bursting and pipe reaming break apart the old pipe while pulling a new pipe into place. These work best for replacing severely deteriorated sewer lines in difficult situations.

Another method, trenchless pipe repair techniques addresses specific issues within a sewer or water pipe, such as cracks, leaks, or root intrusion. It addresses spot repairs and fixes minor issues when replacement isn’t needed. CIPP pipe lining is ideal for restoring the structural integrity of damaged pipes and preventing further issues.

Comparison With Traditional Methods

Traditional repairs include the hassles of trenching and later renovation. However, with it, you can choose the specific pipe material to install or fix with. It also comes with a few customization options such as changing parts or altering positions.

Trenchless only uses pipe resin material such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PEX (cross-linked polyethylene). But these are as durable as other pipe options and are noncorrosive compared to some metal pipes and outdated materials such as cast iron and clay.

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