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Situations That Need Trenchless Pipe Bursting

main pipe is broken Springfield, PA

Trenchless sewer repair in Springfield, PA is now the preferred method for convenient and stress-free fixes. There are different types of trenchless methods for different conditions and situations. Specific situations call for trenchless pipe bursting over other methods. It is more convenient, stress-free, and cost-effective.

Trenchless Pipe Bursting And When To Do It

Trenchless pipe bursting involves destroying an existing pipe while pulling in a new one to replace it. It operates in the same way as other trenchless pipe replacement methods. This method doesn’t require trenching, digging, and subsequent renovations.

Pipe bursting is for severely damaged, deteriorated, or compromised sewer lines beyond repair. Traditional repair methods are no longer feasible or cost-effective here. It does away with digging out the remaining pipe, replacing it, and renovating the area.

Trenchless pipe bursting applies when the sewer line has extensive damage from root intrusion, soil shifting, or external pressure. These severe issues cause the sewer pipe to collapse, crack, or develop significant leaks. It also applies to extreme corrosion and deterioration, especially old clay or cast iron pipes. It works as another form of trenchless sewer replacement.

Convenient Replacement In Tight Spaces

Trenchless pipe bursting is also ideal for pipe and sewer line replacement in areas with limited access or confined spaces. Densely populated neighborhoods, commercial properties, or areas with underground utilities make it near-impossible. This method achieves it without excavation or disruption to the surrounding environment.

This method is also the best option to upgrade a sewer system to accommodate increased capacity or improved performance. The pipe bursting method replaces old, undersized, or outdated sewer pipes with larger, more durable ones for optimal functionality and longevity. It reduces the need for excavation and preserving existing landscaping. This protects the surrounding ecosystem and minimizes disruption to the community.

If you have a complicated pipe or sewer replacement issue, don’t worry. There is a trenchless pipe lining method you can use to resolve it without the extra stress, hassles, and costs of traditional methods. Call Advanced Drains and Underground Solutions for expert and professional quality work. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and NASSCO accreditation.

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