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Handling Tree Root Invasion in a Sewer Line

Tree root invasion in sewage lines is a serious problem that calls for the application of action and expertise to address it. Not only is this inconvenient to deal with, but it’s also a major problem for its potential to block drainage from your home.

When you encounter trouble with your drains, make sure to reach out for drain or sewer line repair in Springfield to get things flowing again.

Why Do Tree Roots Invade Sewage Lines?

Sharing the ground with your drainage pipes, tree roots are at risk of mixing or interfering with them. Driven by natural instinct, tree roots grow towards sources of water and nutrient. Sewage lines are potent with each so they are a popular destination for tree roots. After finding leaks or vulnerabilities within your pipes, roots often invade them in an effort to source nutrients.

How Can I Tell If My Sewage Lines Have Tree Root Invasion?

Through the following, we’ll detail a few important symptoms you should watch out for that may indicate you have roots getting into your sewer pipe.

1. Slow Drains

One of the most prevalent signs your sewage line is experiencing tree root invasion is the slow functioning of drains in your home. As drainage pipes are installed to transport wastewater out of your drains, the increase of slow drainage is a major warning sign that there is something inhibiting their ability to operate.

If a tree root has grown into your sewage line, it is possible that wastewater will flow through it very slowly thus resulting in poor drainage.

2. Sewer Backups

Another common symptom of tree root invasion in sewage lines is that of sewer backups. If tree roots invade a drain to the point that they cause a significant degree of obstruction, they can cause sewage to build up within the system and back up in your pipes.

This is most typically first noticed in drains closer to ground level, such as toilets or sinks on the first level of a home, but can also rise to higher levels if left unresolved.

3. Bad Odors

If having grown into drain pipes for long enough, tree roots can cause and worsen cracks. This can result in the internal contents of the pipes becoming exposed, causing a potentially noticeable foul odor inside your home or on your property.

4. Toilet Gurgling

If the toilets within your home are gurgling, you may have tree roots in your sewage lines. Generally, toilets begin to gurgle as a result of a blockage somewhere within their drainage system. While not a huge deal if experienced with a single toilet, the gurgling of multiple toilets within your home may be indicative of tree root ingress.

While tree root invasion in sewage lines can be intimidating, it can be mitigated and handled with the right help. Be sure to enlist the expertise of qualified professionals when addressing any problems with your pipes pertaining to tree root invasion. For all of your drain and sewer needs in the Springfield area, you can always come to us.

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