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3 Signs Tree Roots Have Invaded Your Sewer Line

Residential plumbing systems have a variety of components. When it comes to removing wastewater from a home, there is no denying the importance of a functional sewage system. Many homes that are located in city and suburban settings are hooked to sewage systems managed by local municipalities.

While the sewage system itself is managed by a third party, the line that goes from a home to this system is the responsibility of the homeowner. Problems like tree roots growing into a sewer line can make disposing of wastewater nearly impossible. Read below to find out more about the signs you might notice if tree roots have invaded your sewer line so you can get them addressed quickly.

1. Gurgling Toilets and Slow Drains Mean Trouble

If you want to flush a toilet or empty your sink, you need a functional sewer line. Most people use the drains in their homes multiple times a day without much thought, at least until theirs stop working right.

Are you hearing a gurgling noise when flushing your toilet? If so, this is an indication that tree roots might be invading your sewer line. This gurgling noise is generally caused by a tree root obstructing the disposal of wastewater. This can slow down most of the drains in your house at the same time. As soon as you notice this problem, reaching out to professionals that specialize in sewer line repair in Springfield, PA is vital.

2. The Presence of Unpleasant Odors

If you are like most people, you work extremely hard to keep the inside of your home smelling great. There is no amount of fragrant candle or sweet-smelling aerosol spray in the world that can cover up the odors caused by a clogged sewer line. If you start to notice a rotten sewage smell in your home, then chances are your sewer line is clogged.

This odor will usually be strongest around your plumbing fixtures. The only way to rid your home of this offensive odor is by hiring professionals to remove the obstructions from your sewer line.

3. Watch Out For Sudden Tree Growth

Healthy trees are a staple of most home landscaping designs. For the most part, trees grow slowly over time. If you start to notice that a tree on your property is growing much faster than usual, this can be an indication that its roots are invading your sewer line. The increased moisture and nutrients that come from your sewer lines will boost the growth rate of the tree in question.

You might also notice abnormally green and thick grass patches on your lawn when sewer line obstructions are present. If the tree roots have completely punctured your sewer line, lots of water will leak out. This water will hydrate grassroots in the parts of the lawn where your sewer line is located. Once you notice this change to your landscaping elements, you need to call in a plumbing professional immediately to fix your sewer line.

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